Pacific NW Proud Keeping our ideals

Free shipping anywhere in the lower 48.

Our super comfy, durable mattresses are made in the Pacific Northwest.

Honest products made with care — You’ll be sawing logs in no time

We’ve had years of experience designing mattresses and working with local manufacturers. This led us to create two different mattresses, both designed to satisfy the pickiest of sleepers. The Stumptown Hybrid combines the best of both worlds with a coil support base and cooling gel foams for maximum airflow. The Stumptown Original is an all-foam mattress built with cooling, open cell gel foams and a sturdy foam support base.  Both mattresses feel “not too firm, not too soft, but just right”. And both are locally-made with foams that meet the strict environmental standards of CertiPur US.

Stumptown Mattress. Born in the Pacific NW.

We are so lucky to live in an area that allows us to play hard and sleep hard.

We love the Pacific Northwest for many reasons. For acceptance of any lifestyle. For the proximity to great outdoors. For countless yoga studios. For craft beer. For hiking, skate boarding, backpacking. For listening to your favorite band that you loved long before they became famous. For tattoos. For riding your bike anywhere. For awesome food carts. For the rain. For the sunshine. Whatever your reason for loving PNW, we think you will be happy to rest your weary body on a Stumptown mattress at the end of your PNW day.

How do we keep our mattress prices so low?

Factory Direct to You

There is no middle-man. No commissions paid to sales people. Our mattresses are shipped direct to you from our logistics center in Portland, Oregon. Our shipping partner has guaranteed us the lowest shipping price anywhere in the lower 48. You  benefit from our built-in partnerships.

Local Ownership

We own and operate every aspect of our business. That means we set our prices and our margins as low as possible to benefit our customers. In addition, we have a lean manufacturing process and use only American-made steel and foams in our mattresses.

Intentionally different

— Real people making a product we believe in —

Locally owned and operated, Stumptown Mattress is intentionally different from the rest of the corporate mattress shops you see on the internet. It’s just us and we get to make the rules. We keep our prices low because we can.

Stumptown Mattress is unrivaled when it comes to quality for a great price. Our team lives and works here in the Pacific Northwest. We make a conscious effort to purchase materials and services through smaller, locally-owned companies. And a portion of our sales supports local non-profit agencies like Community Warehouse in Portland and our own scholarship fund serving high school seniors heading to college.

Stumptown Mattress is a partner company to the popular Mattress Lot, an independent locally-owned mattress store that specializes in locally-made and environmentally friendly mattresses in Portland, Oregon. Check out our site here.