Designed and built in the Pacific Northwest.

Our sleep engineers have created the perfect mattress.

Locally-made means higher quality materials & the best in customer care. From years of experience, we know what most people like in a mattress:

Mattress Pricing and Sizes

TWIN $375.00

75″L X 39″W X 10″H

FULL $485.00

75″L X 54″W X 10″H

KING $725.00

80″L X 76″W X 10″H

TWIN XL $485.00

80″L X 39″W X 10″H

QUEEN $575.00

80″L X 60″W X 10″H

CAL KING $725.00

84″L X 72″W X 10″H


Side Sleeper?

We’ve got you covered with just enough give for your hips and shoulders.


Back Sleeper?

Back and stomach sleepers will love the Stumptown’s firm but conforming support.

Exclusive Stumptown Design

to create one terrific mattress suitable for all body types.



Breathable knit fabric wicks moisture and interacts with our foams underneath to make sure whatever your sleep position, it will adapt to you.


Top self-adjusting foam conforms to your body for pressure point relief. It’s temperature neutral with a soft silky feel.


High density base layer offers durable balanced support. This is the component that gives your back the support it craves.

What can I put my mattress on?

You can use any of the following


Putting any mattress directly on the floor in a cold damp climate may cause mold and will make your mattress firmer.

100 Night Sleep Guarantee

If you are not happy with your new mattress, you will receive a full refund from Stumptown Mattress. Your refund will be issued after your mattress is picked up by one of our partner agencies or haulers. You must sleep on the bed for at least 3 weeks before initiating a return. We have found that it often takes a few weeks for your body to adjust to a new material. You have 100 nights to make this decision.  For all the details, check out our terms and conditions. Also check out our incredible 10 year warranty.

Your mattress is sustainably-made.

Stumptown Mattress has Gold Level Sustainability Certification by the City of Portland, Oregon

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Portland, Oregon is known around the world for its high standards for environmental stewardship, commitment to reducing greenhouse emissions and innovative recycling practices. The city’s Bureau of Sustainability awarded Stumptown Mattress Gold Level Certification. It’s the highest level awarded to companies who comply with a long list of sustainability requirements, including local manufacturing, recycling/waste reduction and a low-carbon footprint. We are proud to be the only mattress company that’s reached these high standards.

All Stumptown mattresses meet the high environmental standards set by CertiPUR-US.

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This means our mattress meets standards for content, emissions, and durability. Our mattress is made without PBDEs, ozone deleters, formaldehyde and heavy metals. In addition, Stumptown meets standards for low VOC emissions for indoor air quality. Sleep assured that every night’s sleep on a Stumptown is a good night’s sleep.

We use no fire retardants in our mattress foams. In order to meet federal flammability requirements, we use a flame barrier that is similar to a nylon stocking. This barrier is inherently flame resistant. We wrap the mattress foams with this lightweight material and keep you safe at night.

Our manufacturer is a national leader in lean manufacturing and uses recycling practices that would make any Pacific Northwesterner proud. They are leaders in mitigating textile waste. Did you know that they produce only one big trash can of waste every week or two? They reuse and recycle everything else.

Speaking of recycling, your mattress in a box comes in a cardboard box made right here in Portland of recycled materials.


How to unpack your mattress

Your mattress will arrive in a sturdy cardboard Stumptown box.

It’s very helpful to have 2 people for this process. Instructions are enclosed with your mattress, but here’s what you do.

  • Lay box on its side
  • Open from one end
  • Pull mattress from box. It will be wrapped tightly in plastic
  • Place mattress onto frame or foundation
  • Carefully cut the outer layer of plastic off the package. Be careful and go
    slowly so you do not cut mattress material
  • Unfold and unroll the sealed mattress
  • Carefully cut open the plastic bag along the edge of the head or foot of the mattress. Again, be careful during this step not to cut fabric
  • Watch your mattress expand
  • Pull plastic bag off mattress

We recommend that you let your mattress expand and breathe for 6 hours before making your bed and sleeping on it. Please note that it will not damage your mattress if you need to sleep on it sooner.