Stumptown Hybrid Mattress

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The Stumptown Hybrid Mattress features:

  • Breathable knit fabric
  • Cooling gel foam that conforms to pressure points
  • Independent pocket coil support system allows for maximum airflow and allows for durable, superior support
  • CertiPUR-US® certified

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A Mattress with Coils and Foam

The Stumptown Hybrid Mattress gives you the best of both worlds: traditional pocketed coils combined with specialty cooling foams will hit your sleep sweet spot.

Our Cooling Mattress

The hybrid features a Stumptown logo etched onto the breathable, plush, knit outer fabric. Fall to sleep resting on our soothing, cooling gel foams supported by our locally made pocket coil system. The pocket coils allow for maximum airflow across the interior of the mattress. Our coil system provides sturdy, yet restful support allowing for pressure point relief.

Our Foam

All foams used in Stumptown Mattresses are certified by CertiPurUS  to meet strict environmental standards. CertiPurUS certification includes a long list of not-so-healthy materials which are not included in our mattress foams. No flame retardants. No formaldehyde. No mercury. No heavy metals. No Fiberglass in Stumptown Mattresses. Low VOC. In short, we put the good stuff in and keep the bad stuff out.

Hybrid Size

Twin Size Mattress – $425 – 75 X 39, Twin XL Mattress – $450 – 80 X 39, Full Size Mattress – $525 – 75 X 54, Queen Size Mattress $625 – 80 X 60, King Size Mattress – $825 – 80 X 76, California King Mattress – $825 – 84 X 72

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54 reviews for Stumptown Hybrid Mattress

  1. Hailey (verified owner)

    Great budget option if you’re wanting something that’s more natural and US made. They don’t make it with fiberglass either, so that’s a plus! I’ve been sleeping on a foam mattress for years and while they’re comfy, I find that I have back pain the next morning. This bed is firm, but in a really good way. Absolutely love it and would recommend!

  2. Richard

    We love our Hybrid mattress! We were in the market for a King bed and of the other Stumptown mattress varieties, it really was perfect for us: not too hot, not too cold, not too soft, and not too firm. I am a stomach sleeper, and it doesn’t feel like I am sinking too far into the mattress where my back starts to hurt. It was the softest of the 3 (Hybrid, Original, Peak) and is still decently firm, for what it is worth.

    Packaging was great, easy to fit into my car. As for smell, we didn’t notice a thing which was super nice! I definitely will be looking to get another Stumptown Mattress in the future!

  3. Curtis (verified owner)

    Wow! So, ordering the bed was simple, price was a bargain, and my mattress is getting all cozy and expanding into it’s final form as I type. Feels luxurious compared to the cheap mattresses I had to deal with before.

    Also, had an issue with shipping (mostly due to a glitch with the access to my apartment), and when I emailed Eli, they offered to go way above and beyond to make sure they got my mattress to me. Long-story short I had it in my apartment a little over an hour later.

    Impressive, and it feels good to know there are actual humans on the other end who want to make sure you have a good night’s sleep.

  4. Nick C (verified owner)

    I honestly was a bit skeptical at all the good reviews at first, thinking they may have been filtered or the bad deleted. But nope. Ordered the king size hybrid 8pm on a Friday. I had a shipping label Saturday and my bed was delivered Monday. I tossed a very expensive old tempur pedic away and was Leary this would be the same comfort level. I honestly haven’t slept better in years on this new mattress. Thanks ST. Seriously, I mean it. Awesome.

  5. Nick Ceresa (verified owner)

    I honestly was a bit skeptical at all the good reviews at first, thinking they may have been filtered or the bad deleted. But nope. Ordered the king size hybrid 8pm on a Friday. I had a shipping label Saturday and my bed was delivered Monday. I tossed a very expensive old tempur pedic away and was Leary this would be the same comfort level. I honestly haven’t slept better in years on this new mattress. Thanks ST. Seriously, I mean it. Awesome.

  6. Verelle (verified owner)

    I’m really impressed with the quality of the mattress at this price! And I love that it’s local. We had a little snafu with delivery, but the company made it right, even driving the mattress out to my house to ensure that it was delivered on the right day.

  7. jen (verified owner)

    I think this is a comfortable mattress but it lacks edge support and it is much too soft for the support my back and hips need. I’m going to give it a few more weeks but will most likely end up returning for something more firm.

  8. christy (verified owner)

    I have slept on my new hybrid mattress for month now. I really appreciate that the chemical smell was very low. The bed was inflated and sleepable within the
    first 24 hours, but I waited 48. It is a comfortable bed. The edges are a bit “loose” and if you unexpectedly roll on the edge, or sit on the edge, it feels like the bed is dropping you. Aside from that, it is very good. I can sleep on my side or stomach with no issues and no pain. Sleepin gon the back is not a good but I have never liked sleeping on my back. I do not notice the cooling, but I have noticed not getting as sweaty at night. Would certainly recommend. Very good for the cost.

  9. Wayne Overlin (verified owner)

    I normally sleep hot, like REALLY HOT sometimes, and I have a bad back.
    I bought and setup the Hybrid Mattress several weeks ago. I was skeptical because of my overheating problem. I still experience hot episodes, naturally, however the mattress does not reflect that heat back at me in an unbearable way like other mattresses do. I am so thankful to have finally found and purchased a mattress that breaths and cools sufficiently.
    After the first two nights my back was feeling much better in the mornings and after getting used to the mattress, my back is much happier and I don’t roll around attempting to find a comfortable position. I sleep more solidly and comfortably though the night.
    I love this mattress and definitely recommend it to over-heaters and those who are overly restless or with back troubles.

  10. Christine

    My son loves his new mattress! Every night he thanks me for getting it since it is so comfortable. We will definitely get another one next time we need a new mattress in our home.

  11. Marin (verified owner)

    Excellent product and service. I was down the rabbit hole of mattress research, looking for something safe and yet affordable for my child’s first bed. Stumptown met those requirements. They don’t use flame retardants or fiberglass in their mattresses. I also was pleasantly surprised that the mattress would be made in the Pacific Northwest! 36 hours after clicking purchase it was at our doorstep. After unboxing it was quickly full sized and nicely shaped. There were no strange smells. My child has been getting very good rest on their mattress. I’ll be looking to Stumptown again when I purchase a mattress again.

  12. cbb (verified owner)

    Jury is still out for us. Shipping was excellent – arrived in 2 days. It’s been about 2 weeks since we got our Hybrid king. Softer than we wanted/expected. Not sure if we’ll keep it past 100 nights. Zero structure if you sit on edge of bed. Sitting up in bed, butt sinks into mattress.

  13. Phil (verified owner)

    Amazing service. Amazing bed. Would definitely shop here again!

  14. Sunny R (verified owner)

    LOVE our Stumptown mattress! I cannot say enough good things about it. My husband sleeps on his bad and I sleep on my side and it makes us both happy. I recently had a baby and our old mattress made me so hot but this helps regulate much better. I also love that it arrived without any smell! Shipping was so quick too. We’ll definitely be purchasing from here when we need to buy our sons mattress.

  15. Doug and BettyAnn (verified owner)

    First I must say we were BLOWN away at how quickly we received our mattress! Less then 24 hours and we had it open and expanding. It comes very compressed so it was cool to watch it expand.
    I instantly appreciated that it didn’t smell. Often I’ve found that new mattresses smell chemically and this one did not. Bonus!
    It is quite firm, we greatly appreciate this for back health- I am looking into a 1-2 inch topper because I’m VERY thin and could use just the tiniest bit of extra cushion on hips and shoulders. My husband does not have any of these issues at all.
    We will be purchasing all mattresses through this company from now forward! And I’m sending all my clients this way! Thank you for a brilliant mattress!

  16. Katie McDonald (verified owner)

    Soo comfy! The hybrid is firm yet forgiving so I can sleep on my stomach while my husband sleeps on his back. We love this mattress!

  17. jason

    We found the stumptown hybrid way too firm. We gave it two months but it’s just not comfy for any side sleeping whatsoever. We get pain in shoulders and hips. This is unfortunate because we wanted to like this locally made mattress but it’s not going to work out. Glad they have an easy return policy with Mattress Lot in Portland who’s going to pick it up from our house for free (we bought it there originally which is likely necessary for this).

  18. Lauren (verified owner)

    Fantastic mattress. I bought it off of a recommendation of a coworker. It came within two days (I live in Washington). It took two days to arrive. It was very comfortable from the start. Fairly firm but just soft enough for me. It did take two weeks to de-gas. I would recommend a fan if you’re sensitive to smell like myself during that time. I recommend this mattress to all my friends.

  19. Courtney (verified owner)

    We’ve had our Hybrid mattress for about 9 months now. So much better than our prior memory foam mattress. This is truly a Goldilocks in that it’s not too firm, not too soft. Loved that it comes in a box too (easily fit in my car).

  20. Rebecca (verified owner)

    My partner and I didn’t realize how poorly we were sleeping until we upgraded to this mattress! My husband with a back injury has to readjust less throughout the night which makes him sleep more and wakes me up less. The motion transfer is also minimal which is a lifesaver for me since I am a light sleeper. Thank you Stumptown for an awesome mattress that is affordable!

  21. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Love this mattress. We needed a big kid bed for our child and I feel confident that this mattress will last a childhood. My mom has a sleep number and was raving about my child’s bed after she came over. No regrets!

  22. Bonnie

    Ok for the price. I think I had too high of expectations for the price point. The reasons we bought a new mattress were that my back had been hurting, I would roll into my husband all night (who weighs more than me), and our memory foam mattress would get rock hard when it was cold.

    Pros: My back no longer hurts, which is huge! It’s comfortable when I sleep alone, and I feel supported. The temperature doesn’t change it all.

    Cons: It’s much thinner than our previous mattress, and feels much cheaper. I can feel the coils when I push on it with my hands. I still roll into my husband all night, as he weighs more than me.

    I wish I has tried the memory foam version instead of the hybrid. I do believe that some of my cons wouldn’t happen with that version. For the price, it’s fine, and I will sleep on it a couple years then replace.

  23. Byrnese C (verified owner)

    I never leave reviews, but here’s the facts. The mattress? Great. both my husband and I LOVE it, and feel comfortable and rested (that’s a first!) The shipping? Fast! But really, the customer service was the most incredible part of this who experience. Amazing team you have over there! Thanks so much.

  24. Raine (verified owner)

    Extremely speedy shipping and very comfortable. I was a little nervous about buying a mattress I had not tried in person because I am picky, but this exceeded my expectations. No weird smell, not too heavy, extremely comfortable. I had a standard memory foam mattress before and felt stiff/sore most mornings, and that has completely gone away since receiving this mattress!

  25. sheila (verified owner)

    Arrived when stated, fun to watch it grow when you remove the wrapping. We’ve only slept on the mattress for a little over two weeks. Two adults, a small pup and a couple of cats all enjoy the firm but comfortable mattress.
    We purchased ours after my daughter ordered one for her schoolie conversion. Every one is happy and I would certainly refer my friends to Stumptown Mattress.

  26. Connie K Maller (verified owner)

    Very happy with our mattress, woke up this morning and nothing was hurting!

  27. Riley (verified owner)

    I feel compelled to write this review after all the energy and reviews I’ve crawled through to get here. I finally found the right mattress (I’ve had it for about a month now and LOVE it)

    I’ve been looking for a good new mattress for a couple years now. When I graduated college, I bought a full size spring mattress at an estate sale for $100. One side lasted me for a couple years, and the other side was starting to go, so I threw the mattress out and slept on an old old spring twin mattress for a couple more years.

    I looked first at the Casper mattress, but was deterred by claims that they spend more on marketing than mattress material. I’m sure I would have enjoyed this mattress, but I was determined not to be a “sucker”.
    I ended up getting the Layla mattress for its flippable hard/soft side, being new to memory foam mattresses. As I feared with two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, the soft side was too soft for my lower back, and my spine was off alignment, and when I flipped it to the hard side, it was way too firm, and because the soft side was now the foundation, it STILL threw my spine out of alignment. Lose/lose for someone like me looking for the perfect firm-enough-but-not-too-firm

    This mattress, though, Stumptown Mattress, struck a chord with me. Locally made, firm but not too firm, soft but supportive of my lower back, and priced better than any of the other hundreds of mattress in a box out there. I decided to go with the hybrid style, if you’re in the PNW (and even if you’re not), this mattress is definitely worth your consideration.

  28. Cori (verified owner)

    Amazingly fast shipping. Great communication too. The mattress is very nice, just a little more firm than I thought it would be. I’m hoping it softens up over time.

  29. David

    Ordered a King Hybrid and it arrived very quickly. Packaging was on point and what I really liked about this mattress was it has zero smell to it when we take it out of the box. I have had other that needed to sit out for a few days and breathe not this one. We have slept on it now for about a month and we love it. Zero complaints and will be buying more when we are in need of new mattress’s

  30. Chelsea (verified owner)

    Very comfy! I like the combo of foam and coils. I also liked knowing that it came from the US with a low carbon footprint.. that was really important to me when picking a new mattress. My one complaint is that this mattress is CRAZY heavy.. I can usually move a mattress around myself by tilting it on its side and sliding it through the house but I needed multiple people to move this one.

  31. Andrew B

    I’m writing this on behalf of my sister who bought one. She says she loves it! Great value and very comfortable.

  32. Brittany (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with this mattress! My partner and I were ready to upgrade from a full to a queen and I did a ton of research on the best mattress for the best deal. I ultimately decided to go with Stumptown because I’m from the Northwest and the options didn’t feel too overwhelming like some of the other brands. Plus, you can’t beat the price! I was so happy when it arrived, it’s soft yet firm. It’s absolutely perfect! We had a Casper mattress before and it’s taken me a while to adjust. I woke up with a sore back and had to sleep on it a few more nights to get used to it. Luckily there was no adjustment period with the Stumptown mattress. Just pure comfort! I can’t recommend it enough. Definitely coming back for the pillows ASAP!

  33. Thy Nguyen (verified owner)

    Purchased for our master bedroom. Easily accommodates us, our dog, and infant baby. What was promised. Mattress is more on the firmer side. Well worth the cost and it’s great to have supported a small, local business. Would purchase again. We’ve had this mattress for about a month and no issues so far.

  34. Nick C (verified owner)

    This honestly might be the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Was skeptical of a mattress in a box at first but decided to give this a go since I needed a new mattress and I have zero regrets. Shipping was pretty quick for cross-country too. 10/10 will recommend to everyone looking to buy a new mattress.

  35. Melanie (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my guest room. It not only was very affordable but made in the USA. The mattress came quick and was easy to set up with no funky smell. I have laid on it and so did my sister but as far as actually sleeping on it that has yet to be done. However both my sister and I thought it was very comfortable .

  36. Katie Bider (verified owner)

    Such a comfortable bed! Service was fantastic and delivery was so quick.

  37. Katie (verified owner)

    The hybrid is comfy, firm, supportive… just an all-around good mattress. We used to have a coil + pillowtop mattress from Oregon Mattress Company, and this new one is a bit firmer than that. I will say the old one held its shape at the corners a little better, like seemed more supportive and a little less slope if you sit right on the edge of the bed, but overall sleeping experience is more comfortable for me on the Stumptown Hybrid. We’ve had the new mattress about a month and so far so good. We picked up our Stumptown mattress in Portland (they’re all so nice there) and setting it up at home was really easy.

  38. Tori W. (verified owner)

    This mattress hit the perfect spot of good quality + affordability. We are both side sleepers that need medium-firm support. Glad that we can support a local business too. Get this mattress, you won’t regret it!

  39. Andrew (verified owner)

    My partner and I purchased this mattress from Mattress Lot a little over a month ago, and both of us are extremely happy we did! Huge upgrade from our old spring mattress. We are both primarily side sleepers and this has just enough give for us to be comfortable while still being firm enough to offer support, even if we sleep on our backs. Neither of us want to get out of bed in the mornings now, and I can say that “morning soreness” I was having previously has gone away. Easy to unpack and set up. You won’t regret it!

  40. Kim Luft

    Comfortable just the right firmness mattress. I was getting some back pain as our old one was sagging- no longer any issues with my back now!
    Easy to purchase and delivery guys kept me abreast of delivery time and came right on schedule and efficiently removed the old and replaced with the new. They were courteous as well. Great all around no hassle experience!

  41. April Coppini (verified owner)

    So comfortable! Excellent for stretching out, relaxing back knots – just firm enough

  42. BJ Black

    My wife and I run a 4-bed BnB over in Astoria ( and recently tried the hybrid to replace one of our beds that was wearing out. Guests love it! The quality is solid, the price is reasonable, the delivery was fast, and we LOVE being able to tell our guests that the mattress was locally-sourced.

    We’ll be replacing the other mattresses with Stumptown Hybrids in the off-season for sure!

  43. Mickk

    I am in love. My previous mattress led to significant hip and lower back pain. Now I sleep peacefully and pain free. So grateful.

  44. Sheryl Morgenstern (verified owner)

    So comfortable!!!! We were referred by our daughter who lives in Portland and once I looked at your site I was so impressed by your mission and your quality that I drove 4 hours from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state to purchase two new mattresses. They are sooo comfortable! Thank you!

  45. Gabi (verified owner)

    My husband and I love this mattress. I used to wake up sore everyday from our old mattress, but now with this new mattress I haven’t woken up sore at all. It’s super comfortable and just the right amount of firm. This mattress was 100% a great purchase and I would recommend to anyone. Locally made and great quality.

  46. Tess (verified owner)

    Have been sleeping in this mattress a week now and am SO happy with it. I own another “bed in a box” from a well-known company and stumbled upon Stumptown Mattress when I was looking into purchasing a second- I’m so glad I found this company. It’s firm without being uncomfortable. The first 24 hours there was some off-gassing which I expected, so just be aware of that if you’re sensitive to scent like I am. Highly recommend this mattress!!!!

  47. Joe (verified owner)

    So good I bought a second!
    I’ve just moved into a new, larger house and needed both a guest bed and a bed for myself. I bought one hybrid as a guest bed to try it out. I’ve spent months sampling all sorts of expensive mattresses and I actually liked that one better, so I went and got a second for myself! It really was the best one out there and way less expensive than many of the other mattresses I tried!

  48. Sarah (verified owner)

    I’m a side sleeper and so far the mattress is great! It’s firm enough to satisfy but gives enough to not put pressure on my hips or shoulders.

  49. Sara (verified owner)

    I was nervous this mattress would be too hard, but the hybrid is actually pretty soft. It’s firm enough to where you don’t sink down into it, but soft enough to feel comfortable! I’ve been getting best sleep I’ve gotten in years since getting this mattress. It ships so quickly and it extremely easy to set up. Cannot recommend this mattress enough!!

  50. Christina Sabo

    This mattress is incredibly supportive as well as soft! Delivery was right to my front door and unpacking it was a breeze. I have been sleeping like a baby since the first night.

  51. Summer D Olsson (verified owner)

    MY boyfriend and I love our hybrid mattress. It is soft and supportive. I have had recurring back pain, but not since getting this mattress three weeks ago. And they delivered it to our apartment and brought it up two flights of stairs!

  52. Emily A

    I have nothing but praise for the Stumptown Hybrid Mattress. I appreciated the quick delivery and convenient, compact packaging. The mattress was extremely easy to set up and has the perfect balance of comfort and support. It truly makes my first apartment feel like home!

  53. Tami Ward

    I love my new Stumptown Mattress it is very comfortable and not too hot! The fast delivery to my home was a nice perk too!

  54. Lisa Valone

    We bought a Stumptown Mattress a few years and we still love it. We just heard about the new hybrid and ordered one since we need a new mattress for a vacation house. We tried it out and can say it’s amazing. Sleeping really well. We’ve always liked the idea of a coil mattress. This new hybrid feels really supportive and its doesn’t sink in. It seemed like a good price compared to the other hybrids I researched online. Glad we stuck with Stumptown Mattress. Five stars once again. And we bought two Stumptown pillows this time. Wow. Wonderful pillows too.

Andrew (verified owner)

September 7, 2021

“My partner and I purchased this mattress from Mattress Lot a little over a month ago, and both of us are extremely happy we did! Huge upgrade from our old spring mattress. We are both primarily side sleepers and this has just enough give for us to be comfortable while still being firm enough to offer support, even if we sleep on our backs. Neither of us want to get out of bed in the mornings now, and I can say that “morning soreness” I was having previously has gone away. Easy to unpack and set up. You won’t regret it!)”

The Stumptown Hybrid Mattress features the best of both worlds

Designed and built in the Pacific Northwest, the Stumptown Hybrid Mattress offers maximum pressure relief, support, airflow, and greatest durability for a sweet night's sleep

Let's Talk About Hybrid Mattresses

Why is this good for you?

  • Responsive and supportive
  • Traditional feel of coils with the luxury of our supportive cooling foams
  • Pocket coils create airflow so you sleep cooler
  • Contoured support
  • Great for all body types
  • Minimal motion transfer

The Stumptown Hybrid Mattress is built here in the Pacific Northwest

We use locally-made coils and American-made CertiPUR-US® foams


Individually wrapped pocket coils

Cooling gel foam

Supportive comfort foam

Comfy breathable knit cover

100 night sleep guarantee

Though we think you’ll love sleeping on a Stumptown Mattress, we stand behind our product 100%! All we ask is that you sleep in your new bed at least three weeks before you make up your mind, because it can take a few weeks for your body to adjust. If you’re not happy with your purchase, we’ll issue a full refund after your mattress is picked up by one of our partner agencies or haulers. Remember … our sleep guarantee means you have a full 100 nights to make this decision! Read the details here.

What can I put my mattress on?

You can use any of the following


Keep in mind, placing any mattress directly on the floor in a cold damp climate may cause mold and will make your mattress firmer.