Stumptown Mattress

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Durable, breathable four way circular knit fabric molds to the sleepers position allowing the MicroPur foam underneath to cradle the body and reduce pressure points. Stumptown has a 100 Night Sleep Guarantee.

White glove delivery service available in some Portland areas. Look for the option in check-out.



Exclusive Stumptown mattress design, durable, breathable four way circular knit fabric molds to the sleepers position allowing the MicroPur foam underneath to cradle the body and reduce pressure points

Top Comfort Layer:  Exclusive MicroPur self adjusting foam offers the perfect combination of breathability and instant recovery.  Unlike traditional memory foams, MicroPur is temperature neutral, meaning it does not retain heat and it’s support characteristics are not affected by room temperature.  MicroPur is a premium high density foam with a soft and silky feel, meaning less pressure buildup and a more restful night’s sleep.

Support Base Foam Core: High density base foam offers deep down support underneath the body contouring properties of the top layer of MicroPur foam.  This stratified design provides for longer mattress life and the perfect balance between support and comfort, all while being adjustable base friendly

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81 reviews for Stumptown Mattress

  1. edmondsanctis (verified owner)

    This mattress gets all the details right! As a super light sleeper, I need a mattress that is soft, comfortable and that reduces pain or numbness on pressure points that can cause me to wake me up in the middle of the night. I also need firm back support, or I’ll wake up with a stiff lower back. The Stumptown mattress somehow manages to be super soft and comfy to muscles and joints, while also providing excellent, firm support for the spine and hips, so I wake up feeling good even after a long run or workout. I found that the support and comfort is consistent whether I sleep on my back, side or stomach. We also love the silky soft mattress cover. We got overheated when we tried regular memory foam mattresses in the past, but the Stumptown mattress is quiet and cool.

    Shipment and service were excellent, with the mattress shipping within 24 hours of my order on the website. It arrived in a sturdy Stumptown box within 48 hours. It was easy to unwrap and setup, and my wife, who is very sensitive to smells and off-gassing was amazed that the freshly unwrapped mattress had no smell. After unboxing, it was uncompressed, fully expanded and sleepable within a half hour.

    The whole process was super-fast, easy and delightfully comfortable.

  2. lvalone (verified owner)

    This mattress feels so good. We are sleeping better than ever. And it does not get warm like our old mattress. I love that’s it’s sustainably made. No more back pain! I found this company online and took a chance. They were awesome. Great service and quick delivery to our house in Boston! Highly recommend.

  3. David Blad (verified owner)

    Wow! So comfortable. An online mattress with no hassles and it feels so good. No more back pain. Just pure bliss when my honey and I drift off to sleep. This company is an undiscovered gem in a sea of online mattress companies. Excellent price for what we got. And someone from the company called us to make sure we got our mattress. Nice touch! Thank you Stumptown Mattress!

  4. Lisa Kartiganer (verified owner)

    Easy mattress purchase and it feels great. The delivery was fast to our house in Seattle. It only took two days from the purchase. And the mattress is locally made which was really important to us. Love this company and we love the Stumptown Mattress.

  5. Peter Gjovik (verified owner)

    My wife and I have different needs when it comes to our bed. She is a back sleeper that prefers a firmer mattress while I’m a side sleeper and on the softer end of the spectrum. As two active professionals our bed has to be a sanctuary for us to effectively unwind and finding the right mattress for the two of us hasn’t been easy, but our Stumptown Mattress is the perfect balance of supportive and soft for both of us to have a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. Ordering online was a breeze and delivery was swift! 10/10 would recommend Stumptown Mattress.

  6. Kiki (verified owner)

    We love it! It’s firm, yet soft which fits both of our needs. Perfect for back or side sleeping. The mattress arrived in less than 24 hours after ordering, very impressive. Happy we invested in our sleep and a new king size mattress.

  7. Sheila (verified owner)

    Stumptown Mattress cannot be beat for quality of service and support for their customers. The mattress was ordered for delivery to Wisconsin; it arrived promptly within the week. So far the mattress has been quite comfortable providing a good night’s rest. Both the price and being sustainably made are a plus for us. Also, Mike, Stumptown Mattress owner, has given us great support and help in finding a location in Wisconsin to buy a quality platform frame for the mattress. Highly recommended!

  8. Sarah Wood

    Easy order, lightning fast delivery, great follow up. Comfy mattress. Slightly softer than I imagined but I think it will be quite comfortable. Great company!

  9. Phil (verified owner)

    Two weeks in, we are happy and sleeping well. Thank’s for your great local product and friendly, easy delivery.

  10. Anna (verified owner)

    A couple weeks after getting our Cal King mattress and we are STOKED. Not only is the mattress extremely comfortable but I no longer get catapulted off the bed when my husband tosses and turns. It’s so nice to be able to move around without worrying about waking him and I am getting much better rest for the same reason. We have slightly different preferences on mattress firmness but we’re both happy with this one. We love our mattress AND we love Stumptown’s customer service. I received regular updates on the expected arrival of our mattress after ordering and we really appreciated the awesome communication. I couldn’t be happier with the purchasing experience, customer service, quality of the product and the fact that we were able to support a local business that values sustainability. High fives all around Stumptown!

  11. Sarah Snyder (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough great things about Stumptown Mattress. When I first stumbled across their website I thought it was too good to be true. How could a mattress that has EVERYTHING I was looking for be so affordable? I took a chance and placed an order anyway. I’m so happy I did! The communication was great. I spoke with the owner to arrange delivery and he met my needs perfectly. I had fun opening the box and watching the mattress grow! The box is now a perfect play tunnel for my little ones. The mattress is so comfortable and just what my body needed! Thank you Stumptown Mattress for providing a safe, comfortable, and affordable mattress for me and my family!

  12. Geralyn Wiechert

    Great purchase! Fast delivery, responsive to questions, setup is easy. The mattress is very comfortable! Appreciate what’s NOT in the mattress -harsh chemicals!

  13. Eric Zwart (verified owner)

    Fantastic Mattress! Graduating to this from a lumpy old hand-me-down was amazing. No more back pain in the morning and I sleep through the night. Stumbled upon Stuptown while looking at mattress options. Couldn’t be happier. The mattress is soft and supportive. Plus, living in the Portland metro, the white glove service is well worth having them deal with your old mattress. Great mattress and great service!

  14. Anna Seibert

    We love it!

  15. Chad (verified owner)

    This mattress is everything I was hoping it would be, and at an incredible price. I’m a very picky sleeper and had tried several mattresses before I found the awesomeness that is the Stumptown Mattress. Super fast delivery, and an incredibly comfortable sleep. It’s just firm enough and it provides support and give in all the right places. Don’t hesitate, just purchase!

  16. Liz G (verified owner)

    I had never had a foam mattress before, so it was a very new feeling for me. The first few nights were a bit awkward, but I still slept longer and more deeply! I thought that it might be a bit TOO soft but by the fourth night I was deeply comfortable and ready to sink in, I literally got into bed and said, “Aaahhhh….” It is soft, but very supportive of my pained lower back and hips. In fact, I can sleep on my back longer and I’m not tossing and turning like I was with the old mattress. It does not get hot or cold, even with my 90lb bully mix on the bed.

    I found this place while looking at other mattresses stores online. This was the best priced bed, with a generous return policy. I definitely feel great about my choice.

  17. Kenny (verified owner)

    Hands down the best night sleep ever!

  18. Joe Knerr (verified owner)

    Took a chance on a bed in a box. Wow did I hit the lottery with Stumptownmattress.First time in years im sleeping with out waking up to back pain.Better yet when the wife gets up in the morning for work it doesn’t feel like im getting tossed around at sea. Glad i found You, thanks.

  19. Jessica (verified owner)

    Finally purchased this mattress after looking at it online for a couple of months. So happy we did! My partner and I are definitely sleeping more soundly and waking each other up less. This bed is very comfy! Like other reviewers said, not too soft and not too hard. I am mostly a side sleeper. I do notice it is a little warmer than my previous spring mattress, but i’m not sure if that is the mattress or the mattress cover that was included. All manner of customer service was excellent- as was my local delivery in Portland. Thanks, Stumptown Mattress!

  20. Brodie Smith

    I found the matress to be just right. The first night i notice relief in my lower back and how much better i felt in the am. I had struggled with a bulge disc in my next for over a year and not sure if it was by chance but after 3 weeks my neck has felt remarkably better. Unfourtantely my wife found the bed to be a little to firm so we are looking at other mattress. The refund was hassle free and just as they say.

  21. Bryon Deisher (verified owner)

    It stays cool, it’s the perfect firmness, relieves aches of long days, bike rides & workouts, also a local company & fairly-priced. We love this mattress so far!

  22. Chaitanya (verified owner)

    I was amazed how quickly it arrived. It had a smell the first couple of days, which is a common thing with the memory foam mattresses. My overall experience has been Good 🙂

  23. Spencer Cook

    Amazing so Far! Had a different online mattress that just wasn’t cutting it. Perfect amount of firmness to be comfortable in all sleeping positions!

  24. Emma G

    I love my Stumptown mattress! Flawless communication and the delivery was speedy. This mattress works for me, as I’m a side sleeper and it works for my boyfriend who is a back sleeper.

  25. William Caldwell

    Good customer service, they will personally deliver it to you free of charge if you’re in the Portland area.

    The mattress itself is a dream. Excellent balance between firm and soft. I almost always get a solid block of sleep time with no interruption. It’s just easy as shit to fall asleep and not randomly wake up in this thing, it’s awesome. Great temperature moderation. Incredible value, $650 for a King (!!)

  26. Sarah Spromberg (verified owner)

    We decided to purchase a Stumptown mattress right before our move from Portland, OR to Bozeman, MT after hearing my coworker rave about theirs (and that was after 9 months of pregnancy sleeps, so we knew it must be a good one!!) We figured if we transported it in the box it would be easier than hauling a big ol mattress – highly recommend this method if you’re moving, by the way! It was delivered within hours of ordering online and the guy was so friendly! It was a breeze to move in the box since there are handle cut outs and once opened, it filled out so quickly from being compressed. There was no weird off gassing or chemical odor either so we felt comfortable sleeping on it within hours of setting it up. As mentioned in other reviews, it is a perfect balance of soft and firm. My husband and I are really split on this issue, I prefer soft for side/stomach sleeping and he tends to sleep better on firm mattresses… we both LOVE this mattress. It keeps us cool on these hot summer nights, too. The price is so incredibly reasonable for the quality, we are looking at buying another one for our guest bedroom!

  27. Amelia Schley

    I absolutely love my Stumptown Mattress! It’s so comfortable, I feel like I sleep so much better now. Amazing company, even more amazing mattress! I definitely recommend it!

  28. Katelyn Williams (verified owner)

    We are loving our new Stumptown Mattress. From the moment we laid on it, I remember feeling as though it was hugging me. It hugs my calves, supports my back, and is also comfortable for sleeping on your side (like me). We have had it for 1 month and are very happy with it. We are sleeping much better than we were on our old mattress! Glad we got Stumptown Mattress and would recommend to our friends!

  29. Melanie Fisher (verified owner)

    We’ve had our mattress(s) for a couple weeks now and are in love with them. In fact, our dog, who never wants to sleep with us, has now been sleeping in the bed with us nightly. That says a lot! We’ve had friends spend the night and they too have said they wake up feeling more rested than sleeping at home (being in the woods helps too). Thank you again!

  30. Jenn (verified owner)

    It arrived in record time and is SO comfortable. It’s soft yet firm – haven’t slept this well in years!

  31. Dylan Benito (verified owner)

    I ordered a my mattress in the morning, and it was delivered by the afternoon. I guess that is a perk of living in Portland. The mattress fluffed up nicely, and I slept on it the first night I had it. There was almost no odor, which was a big consideration in my purchase. I get migraines from strong smells, and I have not had a problem with this mattress. Since I’ve bought the mattress, I have recommend it to at least five people, and my housemate has purchased a mattress. I can’t imagine not loving this mattress. It was an A+ purchase. I plan on buying another one for my kid when we upgrade his bed in the fall. I am a 100% Stumptown Mattress convert.

  32. Jim Buck (verified owner)

    We received our mattress the same day we ordered it—how unusual is that? I find the firmness to be well balanced—just right to be supportive but enough cushion for comfort. We do not have air conditioning and the mattress “breathes” just fine to cool a sleeping body on warm nights. Very satisfied with Stumptown product and the service.

  33. TJ

    Excellent mattress at an excellent price point. Much cheaper than Casper for the same quality. The shipping and packaging is awesome and small.

  34. Alex (verified owner)

    We were thinking about getting a Purple, but we found Stumptown online. We purchased a queen mattress and are super pleased with the results! My wife doesn’t have back pain any more, and we’re sleeping more soundly and comfortably than with our previous IKEA mattress.

    We ordered it one evening, and since we live in Portland, it was delivered the next afternoon! Amazing service. All for half the price of the Purple. Definitely recommend.

  35. Andrew (verified owner)

    So far so good on this mattress! I was intrigued by it being sustainably sourced. And I live in the NW so it made the it a good mattress for me. Couldn’t argue with the price either. By far the best mattress I have ever owned and would purchase again.

  36. Aurora (verified owner)

    Seriously one of the best choices I’ve made in a long time! Not only is it supper affordable, but I sleep like a rock every night. No more tossing and turning for me.

  37. Tameka Lim-Velasco (verified owner)

    Excellent local company with impeccable customer service. We initially purchased a king, but it ended up being too soft for us, though we really do like super super firm, so I feel our preferences are an anomaly. So we actually traded the king for a queen to upgrade the bed in our Airbnb unit. I’ve had so many customer/guest feedback that it was the most comfortable bed they’ve ever slept in! Both times I received service the next day, dropping off our mattress and doing the swap out was easy, efficient and extremely professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Stumptown to anyone looking for a great mattress from a company they can trust.

  38. Victoria S (verified owner)

    We bought this mattress back in May 2018, but we didn’t start using it until we moved into our new house in June. I was looking for an inexpensive, cool (like not hot), eco-friendly mattress and I came across stumptown via a Facebook ad. Was not disappointed. My back pain, gone. Sweaty nights, also gone. I got so much more with about half the price of what I would pay on a different website.

    We bought a queen, one day we’ll upgrade to a king! 🙂

  39. pierre (verified owner)

    From price to delivery and service all was flawless -and delivered in PDX the same day. Oh and the mattress is amazing! thanks

  40. Megan Elston (verified owner)

    We did extensive research online and in stores after sleeping on foam mattresses on vacation a few times. I just couldn’t get behind paying $1500 for a foam mattress (and that was the sale price!). I came across Stumptown Mattresses with a Google search, read the reviews and decided to try it. I ordered it around 1pm on a Saturday and it was delivered by 4pm. That’s just phenomenal service. In all honesty, my wife and I thought it was a bit hard the first and second nights, but we were expecting it to break in over time and I think that’s why they ask you to sleep on it for at least 21 days. By night three we were both in love and have been sleeping soundly ever since. It’s so comfortable.

  41. Suzanne (verified owner)

    Love this mattress! I purchased the queen size and was able to sleep on it comfortably that first night. It breathes well and doesn’t sleep too hot. I’ve experienced low back pain on and off and other mattresses have exacerbated that. I woke up after the first night on this mattress without any pain at all! Highly recommend.

  42. Victoria

    Mattress is a bit more firm then I wanted but I’ve only had it two weeks so it could loosen up in the coming months. Other than that, I love this mattress. It came very fast, enrolled very quickly and didn’t smell at all like some of the other mattresses in a box do.

  43. Erin

    We love our new Stumptown mattress! It is so comfy. The service at Stumptown Mattress is incredible. We received our mattress in less than 24 hours (on a weekend!). I highly recommend!

  44. Kelly M Woods (verified owner)

    This mattress is everything I needed & wanted. It’s supportive but also comfortably soft, and it helps keep me cool. I’ve had back pain free mornings since purchasing. I went to your retail partner store to test one out, and so I could purchase it right away as I was moving to a new place. The staff there were great too, brought one out for me to see right away, loaded it in my car. Such an excellent mattress, I am so glad I have it!

  45. Mitch (verified owner)

    My wife and I finally decided to upgrade from our old mattress and Stumptown Mattress did not disappoint. Our old mattress was very soft and we constantly woke up with shoulder/neck/back pain. The Stumptown Mattress is much firmer than what we had prior, it took some getting used to but we no longer wake up in pain. We were able to upgrade to a mattress that we love without breaking the bank! Love the affordable prices and product of Stumptown Mattress. Lastly, we received our mattress within 24 hours of ordering. Thanks Stumptown!

  46. STinNYC (verified owner)

    I was sleeping on a Casper for 16 months before I bought my Stumptown and I definitely prefer it over Casper. After sleeping on it for 2 months I have noticed that it sleeps much cooler and is better for side sleeping. Everything moved quickly from a shipping perspective and I’m super happy with my decision.

  47. Aidan (verified owner)

    I love this mattress! It is so comfy and I sleep so well on it. Having a back injury I was a little nervous to buy a ‘bed in a box’ but this was such a great purchase! The Stumptown Mattress Company is so professional and efficient. I ordered my mattress at 6:30am and it was delivered before 11am the same day (I do live in Portland though)! I highly recommend this mattress and company. Their customer service is unmatched!

  48. Yasi Alemzadeh (verified owner)

    I am in love with this mattress! I initially bought because I love supporting local companies and of course this was super affordable! I ordered my mattress and in less than an hour – i was contacted by someone with the company to let me know they would be delivering the next day. It was such a seamless order process and the guys that delivered were nice enough to take the mattress up to my door (my building is notorious for difficult entry and not allowing anyone upstairs) and even texted me a photo of the box at my doorstep! Fantastic customer service – but even better is that for the first time in months, I am sleeping great and wake up without any back stiffness or pain! The mattress isn’t too firm and isn’t too soft – it’s just perfect!!!

  49. Evan (verified owner)

    What an unbelievable find! This mattress is incredibly supportive while being delightfully comfortable all at the same time. I no longer feel my wife moving around in the bed while I’m sleeping (I’m a light sleeper) and we have been sleeping better than ever!! Add the locally made bonus and great pricing and we couldn’t ask for more!

  50. Zoe Horvath (verified owner)

    The mattress is super comfy and the service was refreshingly nice! I ordered online 3 days before my move, and they were prepared to drop it off the next morning (about a 12 hour turnaround time!). At my request, they waited, with no problems! Super quick and friendly communication via text. I would definitely recommend them and would buy again. They also delivered right to my apartment door which was very nice.

  51. Dr. Bryon Blackwell

    Truly, this is a surprisingly wonderful mattress. It is firm, but comfortable. It is not like sleeping on a board as some of the different mattresses are like, I don’t know how they figured out the correct ratio of firmness to softness, but they did an excellent job. I am a chiropractic physician and I am constantly discussing with patients the need to change their mattress as it can be a major cause of their aches and pain. Stumptown has proven to be one of the best purchases I’ve made and can feel comfortable in referring patients to this company. There is an adjustment period for some as their bodies adjust, but for my wife and I, it was two days and we were feeling wonderful. Minimal and I mean minimal off gassing came from this mattress. I am very happy with this purchase. If you are more seasoned in life and cannot lift up heavy items, get help with this box as it is around 75lbs. We now find our selves not wanting to get out of bed because it feels good, not because we are still tired.

  52. Brooke (verified owner)

    Affordable and high quality product – I love it!

  53. Kelly Light (verified owner)

    Love our new mattress!!! It’s super comfortable yet firm enough for my back and hips. Such a great price and great product!!!!

  54. Debbie Trump (verified owner)

    Luv this mattress! We had an old mattress probably 20 yes old and it was never comfortable. Our daughter moved back home and purchased a mattress from you. She loves it. We tried it out and bought one to. I loved the price and delivery was fast. They even carried it upstairs for us. I will be buying another one for our guest room.

  55. Jason (verified owner)

    About 3 weeks in. So nice to get back to this style of mattress after being stuck on an old spring mattress for a year. The mattress itself stays cool and is really comfortable, however, the mattress protectors they offer are not amazing and they seem to make the bed hotter.
    Would still definitely recommend the mattress. Shipping time was great too, showed up to my door on a Sunday, only a few days after ordering. See if you can find another mattress company that can do that.

  56. Araceli Sanchez (verified owner)

    I found this mattress when looking at other mattress reviews. The price was great and local so once I placed the order, it came the next morning! I didn’t have a problem with my old mattress but my husband couldn’t take it (body pain) and was couch sleeping for a while. This was our first foam mattress. Set up was easy and it fully opened up in seconds. I let breath for 6+hrs before putting on sheets, even though it didn’t have a smell. WE slept amazing the first night! It’s been couple weeks and we love it. No more couch sleeping for him and now i have deeper sleeps and don’t want to be disturb for late night *wink *wink, I want to sleep! Lol I totally recommend

  57. Gabriel Francetich (verified owner)

    We have only had it for 2 weeks, but so far we love it! My wife and I are sleeping better than we have in years! It did seem a little firm at first, but it has softened a bit and is perfect now. The delivery guy also told us this and he was spot on. They were very accomodating with shipping and delivery as well!

  58. Elisabeth Y (verified owner)

    I received my mattress Dec 10 2018 so I have been sleeping on it for 16 nights. I ordered a Twin. I ordered Friday the 7th and it was delivered Monday the 10th. I’m 120lbs. In the first few days there was a 0.5″ sag in the middle of the mattress, but presently it seems to have flattened out so I think that could be the inflation process. The construction seems well-made and the mattress protector seems good quality as well. I had a lot of lint-like debris from the mattress or the cover (could not tell) but I basically sealed it all up under the mattress protector and my sheets. If I had a vacuum with attachments I would vacuum it thoroughly before sleeping on it.

    I have never slept on a foam mattress before. I found it to be firm but it does allow you to sink in a little bit. I don’t sink in enough that it becomes difficult to move or like the mattress is eating me. My arms, feet, head don’t really sink at all, so it isn’t super plush which is okay. The comfort layer bothered me at first. When laying flat, my hips would sink through the 3″ layer and meet the dense layer. At least that’s what it feels like. I sink to a dense point that puts some pressure on the pressure points of my hips (so it creates a burning sensation) so I have to reposition (note that this is the problem I had with my firm futon mattress, and it was way worse on the futon because it was extra extra firm). I’ve adjusted to it a little bit but I think I might end up getting some kind of topper to relieve this. Sleeping on my side is no problem and that is how I mostly sleep. I sleep on my stomach as well without a problem. I have a thick pillow and a flat pillow and I have found that the flat pillow is more comfortable especially for stomach sleeping. Whereas I found the thick pillow better on the futon.

    Previously I slept on a futon in my small studio apartment, but I was feeling really tired and sleeping a lot so I suspected that my doctors were wrong – I was not depressed – and I needed a real mattress instead. On my first night sleeping on the Stumptown mattress I had a dream. I haven’t dreamed in years. I thought that I outgrew it. Every single night for the last 16 nights I have had a dream. There has been no overnight miracle waking up feeling fully refreshed but it does seem like the quality of my sleep has improved and I think things will get better as time goes on. I’m happy except for a little more padding to meet my needs.

  59. Chris (verified owner)

    My old King Size had gotten to soft that there was a permanent valley in the middle of the bed. I found Stumptown and figured I’d give it a try since the price was so reasonable. That price also made me very suspicious but I’m happy to announce that I was totally wrong to have them. This bed is great! It’s very firm right out the bag but eases up after a couple of days. My whole body feels supported and I’m sleeping harder. I don’t understand how they get away with this price but if you need a new bed and you like saving money check out Stumptown. Oh yeah, it was delivered to my house the day I purchased it online. I was not expecting that but it was a welcome surprise. Keep in mind I do live in Portland though. The box is small enough that you can store it out of the way until you’re ready for your new mattress. I just can’t say enough. If you’re on the fence like I was jump off and come on over to good nights sleep town!

  60. Megan (verified owner)

    We love our new Mattress!! We were in desperate need of an upgrade and this affordable Stumptown Mattress was the perfect combo of reasonable price, comfort and amazing customer service! We highly recommend!

  61. Jo (verified owner)

    Whilst visiting my daughter in Portland I tried her new king size mattress. I immediately ordered one to be delivered in Boston MA. There was no delivery charge, and the mattress was delivered via UPS in less than a week. I couldn’t be happier with the quality and comfort. Would recommend the company to all my friends.

  62. Peter Middleton (verified owner)

    Very happy with my California King mattress! Very easy, quick delivery and low maintenance set up. I would recommend every time!!

  63. Kia Youngren-Brown (verified owner)

    So impressed by this company, I ordered the mattress Thursday night (after 6:00pm) and received it at my apartment door in less than 12 hours! I’m only 4’11’’ and I inboxed and unwrapped this queen sized mattress. Though it was a work out it was possible. Graham, my pittie loves the new bed as well. This was an easy, affordable, and local purchase. It’s only been a month but I love my new mattress! Thank you!
    Only thing I wish you offered was a take away service to remove my old mattress. I got a recycling company to do it but just an idea! 🙂

  64. JR Leitch (verified owner)

    I was looking for a new mattress and found out about Stumptown Mattresses through a friends recommendation. All the 5 star reviews for them made me hesitant. There’s no way everyone gives these folks a five star review. I asked my friend about his experience 6 months later and he still liked it and he still gave it a 5 star review. So with that recommendation I bought one for myself and I love it! I broke my collar bone years ago and have never been able to sleep on my left side. I can now sleep on either side through out the night without waking or discomfort. I like a firm mattress but not one that is hard. This fits the bill. I can sleep for 7 hours and feel well rested instead of tossing and turning for over 9 hours. Great price and fantastic customer service. I ordered my bed Saturday evening and they delivered my new bed Sunday afternoon. The only reason its taken me so long to write a review is because I’ve been too comfortable in my new bed.

  65. Frederica Spring (verified owner)

    We are SO GLAD we found Stumptown Mattress. It was truly no-fuss ordering and was delivered the next day. It had next to zero smell and offgassing and is so comfortable.

  66. Elizabeth Aaberg (verified owner)

    This mattress is incredibly comforter and reasonably priced. The customer service was also spectacular. I initially ordered a queen mattress, but after taking it out of the box I decided I wanted a full size one instead. Stumptown delivered the my new one, set it all up, and took away the queen size one for me.

  67. Amanda (verified owner)

    We love this mattress! It’s much cooler than our old foam mattress, and slightly more firm (which is good – our old one from a different company didn’t offer enough support). I love that it’s locally made, and the customer service is personalized and wonderful. It was delivered to our door less than 24 hours after I ordered it!

  68. KP (verified owner)

    Better than the sleep number! We highly recommend this bed. The sleep we experience is deeper and I wake up feeling refreshed (on most days, no one is perfect). We recommend this to all of our friends and family that are looking for a new mattress.

  69. Samantha Rosenfeld (verified owner)

    I had a great experience buying from Stumptown Mattress. We ordered on a Saturday and it was delivered on the next day! Unboxing and setup was easy, and it makes for a wonderful night’s sleep. There were a few days at the beginning where we had to get used to the new mattress, but after a couple weeks it’s totally comfortable. Let me tell ya, if you’re worried that a king size bed will be “too much bed”, let that go! We upgraded from a double size futon to a king stumptown and don’t regret it.

  70. Eli (verified owner)

    My wife and I are loving our new mattress. It is a little firmer than our old mattress but we have adjusted and really like it. I agree with the comments regarding the temperature of the mattress. It just feels cooler than what we had before

  71. Emma (verified owner)

    From the start, Stumptown made it easy and actually enjoyable shopping for a new mattress! We knew we had a limited time frame to make it happen due to travel schedules, so I emailed customer service to see about a specific delivery time. Eli was very helpful and said they would be happy to accommodate as we are local. We then stopped into the show room to try it out and Eli was actually there!! He answered any questions we had and made us feel very comfortable with moving forward in the process, not to mention the bed was extremely comfortable! I placed our order online the next day and it was delivered four days later, within the pre-planned time frame AND they texted me a photo of the box on my front step when it was delivered! Limited smell of plastic once we unwrapped it, and we have been sleeping through the nights soundly ever since!!

  72. Ashley (verified owner)

    Needed a mattress upgrade for our guest bed. It arrived the day after I ordered it. (And it came in a box that is perfect for a toddler fort.) It unwrapped quickly and easily. Great quality, very comfy. Couldn’t be happier.

  73. Angie (verified owner)

    I found Stumptown while doing an online search for mattresses and I was excited to find that their product is locally made and environmentally certified. I had been hesitant to buy other ‘beds in a box’ because I didn’t want the toxic off-gassing, in addition to not having an easy return policy if the mattress didn’t suit our needs. My husband and I went to Mattress Lot and saw the mattress in person and we were able to take it home that day since they keep the mattress in stock at the store. Set up was a breeze and when I had a question during the unpacking process, I called the number and someone picked up immediately and answered my questions! FABULOUS customer service! We are 2.5 weeks in and loving our new mattress so far! No more neck pain!!!!

  74. Breana (verified owner)

    We’ve been on a queen Stumptown for 4 weeks now and it’s won us over. Our first night was a sweaty one, we had to adjust to the foam mattress holding in more heat than we were used to, adjusting blankets and sheets was a simple fix and haven’t been too hot since. It’s a great mattress for light sleepers- I don’t wake up to my spouse getting in/out of bed anymore (win!). Sleeping on other beds on vacation is now a disappointment. Easy to buy, picked up from the pdx store, and set up at home. Looking forward to many more nights of easy sleeping.

  75. Kacey (verified owner)

    So glad we bought this mattress. The price was great, speedy next day delivery, easy to set up. The mattress is so comfortable it has really made a huge positive difference in the sleep of both my partner and I. I highly recommend. The only thing I was hung up on is that there seemed to be so much plastic waste after set up, but the giant box was cherished by our cat. 10 out 10 experience!

  76. DK (verified owner)

    We have only had the mattress for ~2 weeks. So far it seems pretty comfortable and we thought it was fairly impressive for the price, etc. Seems to be made well. We will see how it stands the test of time, but for now seems like a pretty solid deal.

  77. Sheri Spurlock (verified owner)

    We knew we needed a new bed, but holy cow what a difference! After getting my daughter a Stumptown Mattress a few months ago, we decided to get one for ourselves. Now, everyone in the family sleeps better! Thank you, Stumptown!

  78. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Awesome awesome mattress. Firm, but so comfortable. I run warm at night and was worried that the memory foam would be too warm, but I haven’t noticed any difference from the spring mattress I had prior. Purchased in store at their partner store Mattress Lot. Super friendly store with plenty of Stumptown mattresses in stock.

  79. Vee Yatsko

    I fell in love with the mattress at the place we stayed at in Portland. I looked up the company and decided I would definitely do business with them when we need a new mattress. In the mean time we noticed they also made pillows so my fella surprised me with one when my neck was out of whack one week. I sent Stumptown a picture of my dog sleeping on my pillow, since she too loved it and wanted to steal it from me nightly. 😂 Stumptown loved the picture so much they sent me another pillow so we could both have our own! I don’t know what I love more, the pillow or the people who run this mattress company?

  80. Esther (verified owner)

    I love my king Stumptown mattress!!! This bed is perfect! My last mattress was super bouncy and you could feel every movement. This bed has a very slight bounce, the right amount of firmness/softness, and is just a glorious slice of heaven to sleep on! It’s great to get a quality mattress at a price that is affordable! My Great Dane mix also loves it, because it is now big enough to fit him and my spouse with plenty of room to spare!!! Also great customer service that was very personable and a very fast local delivery!

  81. Blair Anderson (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my full size stumptown mattress! It is the right firmness and super comfortable. I could not believe the quality for the price. The mattress was at my door step in a matter of hours and the staff were very nice. I would highly recommend this bed to anyone.

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